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Health literacy

One of the many drivers of health disparities in medicine is the lack of health literacy. DPM Healthcare aims to convey key information, insights, and education to strengthen the quality of healthcare and health-seeking behaviors in the community, as a community armed with knowledge and access to high-quality care is vital to growth and success. DPM helps organizations communicate verbal, print, and web-based health information in ways that the intended audience can relate to, understand, and use. From public speaking at conferences, and content creation for events to advocacy and health information at the fingertips of women.

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Health technology consulting

 The healthcare industry has historically lagged behind other industries in adopting new technologies, but the recent disparities have given it a huge push to catch up. And now more than ever we see a massive rise of start-ups innovating for health. There is no surefire recipe for success, especially when it comes to innovation.  However, there are best practices that have proven successful that can be applied to startups' scalability and efficiency. And of course, the patient should be the core of these innovations, making clinical strategy an important framework for engaging your end users from ideation to impactful implementation and beyond.

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